Missy Jenkins Musical Mysteries - Mystery, Music and Murder!
Terror in Double Time
     One child dead. Another child missing. A nuclear power plant accident. Missy Jenkins searches for a missing piano student and comes to the aid of the girl's pregnant mother.
Set in 1979, the fictional community of Twin Pines, located on the outskirts of Middletown, PA, is doubly terrorized by a possible killer in their neighborhood and a possible meltdown at the nearby Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.


Suzanne Flaig has succeeded in luring me as a first time murder mystery reader with her easy reading style that picks up momentum as the story progresses. Hollywood should take a good look at this story which is set in the shadows of Three Mile Island, in Pennsylvania. The main character, Missy Jenkins, is cleverly converted from a hard working mother/housewife and part-time piano teacher, into a nosey sleuth seeking answers in the murder of one child and the disappearance of another. This is a wonderful book for murder mystery readers to enjoy.
 ~ Elizabeth M Doukas, December 21, 2014 ~

I recently finished reading my 1st Missy Jenkins Musical Mystery and it was music to my-eyes-a truly enjoyable read!...I loved the way music was a theme and threaded itself throughout the chapters and storyline...and what made it even more fun was the 70s setting...Missy, her family and friends became real people, and just as we could not wait to see what happened next week on Knott's Landing & Desperate Housewives, I could not wait to see what happened when I next turned a page in the book. I look forward to returning to Missy's Twin Pines community to see what she gets into in the next Missy Jenkins Musical Mystery!
   ~ Mary Hunter, June 19, 2014 ~

Such a clever book in so many ways! The author weaves music and mystery with this who-done-it in such a way that you will be white-knuckle gripping your seat the entire ride. Historical fiction-mystery well worth the read! Loved the ending – what an unexpected twist!
  ~ Tanis Earle, February 6, 2015 ~

What a great story! If you like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, you'll enjoy this book. Twists and turns mixed with humor and family make this one a fun read. I hope we hear from Missy Jenkins again!
 ~ DL, April 2, 2015 ~

Good read, good suspense. A little slow to start, but keep with it. The music connection was great. The sleuth lady reminded me of Miss Marple, almost lovable but slightly flawed. Suspenseful ending!
 ~ Judith M. Taylor, April 11, 2015 ~

Murder in Musical Mode - A Missy Jenkins Short Story
     Major Mode, Minor Mode, Murderous Mode: Missy's musical knowledge helps solve this murder of one of her piano students.
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Death in 3/4 Time
     A missing mother. A dead dance instructor. A family with many secrets. The waltz theme threads its way in threes throughout this Christmas mystery.
Killing in Quarter Time
     How many deaths can one piano teacher handle? A poisoning at a piano recital begins a series of seemingly unrelated murders.


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