Missy Jenkins Musical Mysteries - Mystery, Music and Murder!
Terror in Double Time
     One child dead. Another child missing. A nuclear power plant accident. An evacuation.
Set in 1979, a fictional community located on the outskirts of Middletown, PA is doubly terrorized by a possible killer in their neighborhood and a possible meltdown at the nearby Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.
Death in 3/4 Time
     A missing mother. A dead dance instructor. A family with many secrets. A Wiccan.
The waltz theme threads its way in threes throughout this Christmas mystery.
Killing in Quarter Time
     How many deaths can one piano teacher handle? A poisoning at a piano recital begins a series of seemingly unrelated murders.
Murder in Musical Mode - A Missy Jenkins Short Story
     Major Mode, Minor Mode, Murderous Mode: Missy's musical knowledge helps solve this murder of one of her piano students.
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