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Hi! Welcome to my world

My writing room, which is my bedroom, is filled with books. The rest of the house is filled with animals. The books belong to me. The animals actually belong to my grandson Josh and his girlfriend Alea, but little kitty Mitters likes to snuggle with me on my bed and sometimes messes with my computer when I am writing. I call her "Sneaky" because she hides in my closet, or under my bed, and I sometimes forget she's in here.

     I like to read and write all kinds of things, but my favorite genre is mysteries, as you can tell from my Missy Jenkins musical mystery series. You can also figure out from Missy that I was a piano teacher and that I'm old enough to have lived through the 1970s! In my latest work-in-progress featuring Amish housewife Rachel Yost, I also pull from personal experience growing up as Pennsylvania Dutch in south central Pennsylvania among the Amish. 

     Other writing ventures include short stories of many genres: children's stories, thrillers, horror, and more mysteries. I've written nonfiction and memoir. As an editor, I've helped others publish short stories, novels and memoirs. Writing is my passion; editing is my obsession.

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