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Remember that a good plot twist can't be thrown in at the end just to fool the reader. You have to play fair. When readers look back, they should be able to see all the clues and realize that everything fits into place. With a perfect twist ending, the reader ought to smack their forehead and say, "Wow, what a great ending! I should have seem that coming."
     If you kept the reader guessing until the final confrontation, your twist was exceptional. Here are some tips to help achieve that goal:
  1. Use misdirection - keep your reader distracted. Like a magician, try to keep the reader's attention on something that will lead him astray from your final surprise ending.
  2. Foreshadowing - some hint near the beginning of the book that tells the reader what to expect, then rewards him for that expectation at the end (but hopefully after he's forgotten about it). The best foreshadowing is subtle and flows so well with the characters and plot that it isn't clear until hindsight it was priming the reader for the twist.
  3. Use a few red herrings - point the reader in the wrong direction, so that like in a maze, he bumps up against some blank walls. This can keep him confused and hopefully set him up for the twist at the end.
  4. Hide your clues in action, dialogue, lists, jokes, and dreams. Although the clues are there, they may not be obvious at the time, so the reader won't see the ending coming from a mile off. Yet when the twist does come, he can look back and recognize what he missed.
     These are my suggestions to create well-written, emotionally satisfying plot twists. If you properly set up your reader's expectations, even when he doesn't get what he anticipated, he'll realize it's still what he wanted.

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One of the books that I had read with a twist ending is "Murder on the Orient Express." It is quite possibly the best Agatha Christie murder mystery I have ever read. After an avalanche derailed the train, Mr. Ratchett's body was discovered. The superb and flawless story telling keeps readers guessing who the real murderer is. It is only the great sleuthing skills of Hercule Poirot that he discovers the connection of the 13 passengers on the train and their attempt to vigilante justice against Ratchett. morals was severely tested but in the end let everyone, who had a hand in the murder, go.
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I like good plot twists. What about you? Let's talk about that.
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I love watching movies and reading books in the library or online. The twist ending is kinda amazing that the director for the movies and the author for the books to do such a thing. For the first part of the story, it is really obvious that the protagonist will not die or stay his or her character or as we called flat characters. It is also seen that the protagonist may do good things to his fellowmen in the story, like sharing his blessings without expecting a return of his kindness to the person. But in the end, there is a black aura in the protagonist he becomes bitter and bad as a part of the antagonist character in the story, it is one of the character twists in the story. There are many more like the plot twist, I am very focused on the events of the story but sometimes it is mysterious to think that something is really happening hideous. Disappointed to myself that I cannot guess what will happen next or else I will stop watching the movie until the end.
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