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Who is Missy Jenkins?

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What does that mean? To a writer, it describes how you go about your writing process.

A “plotter” means that the writer starts by making an outline before the first sentence of the novel is written. She knows how the story starts, where it’s going and she knows the ending. She knows every character, what they’re going to do, where they’re going and when. Sure, once and a while she might change her mind and stray from her outline—she’s not inflexible, after all—but there will still be a revised outline and a clear ending in mind.

Meet Missy Jenkins

Missy Jenkins is a piano teacher who lives in the small community of Twin Pines, located on the outskirts of Middletown, Pennsylvania. She is in her thirties, married to a construction worker and has two young boys. The Missy Jenkins musical mystery series is set during the late 1970s so the music that weaves throughout the series includes disco, rock and classical themes. Missy teaches her students, and her readers, bits of musical history and trivia along the way.
Every protagonist needs strengths and weaknesses, and for Missy, her character strengths are also the flaws that get her into trouble.


Death in 3/4 Time

The second book in the Missy Jenkins musical mystery series, "Death in 3/4 Time," takes place in December of 1979. The following excerpt is from Chapter One:
     The sparkle of ice on the bedroom window softened the deep blue of the winter night. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand. Two a.m. With her husband on a business trip and her teenagers spending the night with friends, this was her opportunity to indulge her secret passion for ballroom dance.
     Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the cool, clean pine scent of the Christmas garland looped around the upstairs bannister.


The first novel in the Missy Jenkins mystery series, TERROR IN DOUBLE TIME, is finally published on Amazon, Kindle and in print version. Look it up by title at either the Amazon or Kindle sites to buy it, or for a signed book, email me atmissymysteries@hotmail.comand I'll send an order form.
I'm especially excited about the cover photo because it's a snapshot I took in 1978 before the Three Mile Island accident. I was driving up the same stretch of road that I describe in Chapter One of the book, when I thought, "What an awesome view" and stopped the car to take that picture.
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